Jeff Endemann

About Jeff

Jeff has been a performing artist for over 25 years in various original and cover groups. From Glam Metal bands of the late ’80’s to Hard Rock and Metal bands through the ’90’s, to writing songs from the heart with his wife Valarie today.

He has appeared as a guest artist on four recent Nox Arcana releases; Winter’s Knight performing “Coventry Carol“, Blood of the Dragon singing “Treasure of the Four Crowns“, and Carnival of Lost Souls playing electric guitar on the secret track “Spellbound“.

On the 2009 release Winter’s Eve, Jeff sings the album’s title track. Check out the amazing music of Nox Arcana and the world of fantasy artist Joseph Vargo at both and at

A musician from the age of nine, Jeff started performing on piano and trumpet, playing the latter through high school – until AC/DC blew him away in 1981. That’s when he begged his parents for a guitar (and they said he’d “never stick with it!”). As the song goes, Jeff saved his money and “bought his first real six string from a second hand store…”.

Jeff already had a solid knowledge of music theory, and his biggest challenge was getting accustomed to the mechanics of the guitar. Though he is primarily self-taught, he took lessons from various teachers along the way to help him over the hurdles that come along with the instrument.

Writing music for the heavier bands he performed with was always a difficult task for him.  All that really wanted to come out was a “lighter” type of music, soulful and sometimes bluesy. It wasn’t until many years later that Jeff finally listened to his heart (and his wife). His wife Valarie, who is an artist and writer herself, approached Jeff with a poem that she had written and challenged him to put it to music. That song would later turn out to be “Shadows of Sherwood Forest“. It’s the song, Jeff states, that started it all rolling.

Over the last two-and-a-half decades Jeff has performed with the AC/DC Tribute act “Bonfire” for several years as the “Angus”, as well as performing in other bands including “Big Machine“, “Hammered“, “S.O.S.“, “Spank the Band“, “Seven“, and acoustic projects “Hollow” and “The Miller Brothers“.

Jeff also performs with four other very talented north-east Ohio musicians in Skinny Moo, a band named one of Cleveland’s “Best Cover Bands” by Cleveland Magazine in 2009. He also performs in an acoustic duo and as a solo performer.

With the release of his CD “So Far” he continues to perform at festivals and events.  Jeff also teaches private guitar lessons and is now taking applications.